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Elementary School Attendance Areas

The boundaries of WPS39 do not coincide with the municipal lines of the Village of Wilmette. However, they do include:  the major portion of the Village of Wilmette east of Hibbard Road, and south of Wilmette Avenue west of Hibbard Road;  an area of Glenview east of Harms Road,  north of Old Orchard Road and south of Wilmette Avenue;  and a very small area of Winnetka that borders Wilmette along Indian Hill Country Club. 

The elementary schools include Central School on the east side, McKenzie School in the central section,  Harper School in the north section,  and Romona School in the west.

See an interactive Google map. Please note that this map is approximate (especially at the boundary edges); the district has the final say over student placement.

Walking Routes / Traffic Information

at Romona

District 39 Walking Routes - Opens as PDF