Community Review Committee

communityThe Community Review Committee (CRC) serves in an advisory capacity to Wilmette Public Schools District 39 Board of Education to research specific topics that will lead to improvements in teaching, learning or managing the District’s operations. In the fall, the CRC selects one or more topics of interest to the community that its members believe hold the promise of leading to improvements in District 39. During the year, the CRC members work on committees to study the topics and understand the situation in District 39 (often with administrative support and IT support from the District and other key groups, including the Wilmette Education Association). The CRC then develops its recommendations, and makes a presentation to the Board of Education in June. The Superintendent of Schools then offers thoughts regarding the presentation and recommendations in late summer, and the Board determines how to proceed early in the following school year.

The CRC is comprised of parents (typically two representing each of the schools in the district, and invites parents in the parochial schools in the district to participate as well), administrators (including the superintendent), teachers and citizens. The Board of Education has a representative who participates in CRC meetings. The CRC began in 1973 in response to a state mandate for more citizen involvement in education, and its role and composition have evolved based upon the needs and interests of the community.

CRC Bylaws

CRC Bylaws 2024

2023-2024 CRC Meeting Dates
October 10
November 14
December 5
January 9
February 13
March 12
April 9
May 14
June 4

2023-24 CRC Report
Harnessing the Power of Free Play to Advance Educational Outcomes

2022-23 CRC Report

A Culture of Connectedness: An Empathetic and Inclusive Community for Neurodivergent Students"

2021-22 CRC Reports
CRC 2021-2022 Audit Report of Cultivating Growth Minded Resilient Students 2014-15.pdf
CRC 2021-2022 Report.pdf

Future CRC Topics
The CRC would welcome hearing suggestions from members of the District 39 community about topics of interest. If you have some suggestions, please feel free to mail it to us at Community Review Committee, Wilmette Public Schools District 39, Mikaelian Education Center, 615 Locust Road, Wilmette, IL 60091.

2023-2024 CRC Executive Board
Najah Musacchio - President
Amy Peters - Vice President
OPEN - Secretary
Amy Wechsler - Past President

2023-24 Parent and Community Representatives

Colleen McHugh - Central
Anne Marie Kogan - Central
Kathleen McCoy - Harper
Hong Ma - Harper
Vassi Skopis- Highcrest
Kate Morrone - Highcrest
Amanda Adams - McKenzie
Katie Miller- McKenzie
Masha Abramovitz  - McKenzie Member-at-Large
Aparna Bhaskaran - Romona
Jocelyn Shook - Romona
Yilin Zhang - Romona Member-at-Large
Vanessa Fawley - WJHS
Jennifer Novak-Leonard - WJHS

2023-24 Staff Representatives
Kari Cremascoli - Superintendent
Katie Lee - Administrator for Curriculum and Instruction
Tom Hunter - MEC Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator
Karin Bader - Harper Social Worker
Karen Mannerino - Central School Psychologist
Anthony Haduch - McKenzie Assistant Principal

2019-2020 Final Report
Strengthening Parent Partnerships

2018-19 Final Reports
Audit Report
K-4 Mobile Learning

2017-18 Final Reports
CRC Audit Report
CRC Report - Differentiation and Personalized Learning

Past CRC Topics

In the past, the CRC has pursued such topics as:

CRC Audit Report.pdf

CRC School Climate Report
Parent Survey Summary.pdf
Student Survey Summary.pdf
Teacher Survey Summary.pdf

2015-2016 A Year of Reflection

2014-2015 CRC Report Cultivating Growth Minded, Resilient Students

2013-2014 Developing a 21st Century Learning Infrastructure

2012-2013 Review of Technology and Learning Environments 

2011-2012 CRC Assessing Characteristics Of Successful Learners 

2010-2011 CRC Final Report - Social Responsibility - CONNECTED to District 39 

CRC Appendix 2010-11 

2009-2010 Tomorrow is Here: 21st Century Learning in our Classrooms

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