Parent Association of Student Services

The Parent Association for Student Services in District 39 (PASS39) is a parent organization committed to supporting parents of children with learning, behavioral, emotional, and developmental challenges.

Mission Statement
PASS39 members will facilitate and promote communication and teamwork between parents of children who receive support and services in District 39 schools and the district staff.


  • Organize forums for parents to exchange information and support one another
  • Educate parents and staff on various topics related to raising and educating children with special needs
  • Develop information resources for parents and staff
  • Collaborate with District 39 staff to increase a sense of teamwork in working with our children

PASS39 Email List

Join our email list to receive information on area and district events related to children with learning disabilities and/or special needs. Email us at [email protected] to be added to the PASS39 group e-mail. All addresses are blind copied for confidentiality. 

2022-2023 PASS39 Representatives

President Jocelyn Shook
Central Tricia Bykowski & Diane Fornell-Sacks
Harper Lori Pacovsky & Lori Mula
McKenzie Margie Swain & Michele Yeh
Romona Leavey Ballou & Jessica Eliscu & Paul Leonardo
Highcrest Vanessa Fawley & Kinley Kemnitz & Carey Snell
WJHS Stacey Cavin & Kristin Harper 
LEEP Alison Ouska

PASS39 on the Web

The PASS39 website provides more information about Wilmette D39 Student Services and contains educational, therapeutic and recreational resources for parents with children with specialized needs.

PASS39 also has a private Facebook Group. To receive access, you must request admission here.

District 39 Parent Events

Parent Education Events 2022-2023 School Year
Feeling Safe in District 39 Schools Wed., August 24, 11 am
Setting Goals with Students
Wed., September 14, 11 am
Parenting in the Digital Age
Wed., October 13, 11am
The Upstanders Movie Screening and Panel Discussion on Cyberbullying
Wed., November 9, 6:30 pm
Register Here
Parents as Allies: Talking with Your Teen about LGBTQ+ Identities
Wed., December 14, 11 am
Register Here
Supporting Friendship, Development, and Connection
Wed., January 18, 11 am
Register Here
How to Have Anti-Bias Conversations
Wed., February 8, 11 am
Register Here
Strengthening Executive Functioning Skills
Wed., March 8, 11 am
Register Here
Book Study Discussion Group
Wed., April 12, 11 am
Register Here
Maintaining Academic Skills Over the Summer
Wed., May 10, 11 am
Register Here

Parent Handbook

Are you confused by the terminology? Have you ever wondered who constitutes as a “special needs” child? Do you know what IEP stands for? Look it up in our District 39 Student Services Parent Handbook.

Online Resource Links

An extensive list of online resources for everything from Adoption to Visual Impairment.

PASS39 Materials

Effectively Communicating with Your Child’s Educational Team

Who Do I Contact For What

Transitions March 9, 2020

Fostering Resilient Learners February 6, 2020

Building Resilience Presentation January 15 2020

January 2019 Special Education Child Count

Self-Regulation Presentation

ADHD Presentation 10292018

Facilitating Positive Peer Relationships - November 28, 2017

Behavior Strategies for Adolescent Children With School Anxiety (2.79 MB)

Parent or Private Provider Observation Request 2015-16 (83.72 kB)

Special Services Survey Results 2015 (495.46 kB)

Special Ed Primer 11-17-15 (1.32 MB)

Pass 39 Executive Functioning Presentation 4/16/2015 (9.94 MB)

Pass39 Presentation November 19, 2014 (5.43 MB)

February 2014 ADHD Presentation (1.89 MB)

PASS39 IceCreamSocial 2013-14.pptx (14.5 MB)

2012 Elementary to Highcrest Middle School Transition Tips (47 kB)

2012 HMS to WJHS Transition Tips (71 kB)

Technology Tips and Tricks to Help Your Child Success at Home (3.6 MB)

District 39 Student Services Parent Handbook (261.09 kB)

PASS39 Parent Guide To Parapros (113.99 kB)

Parent to Parent Transition to Elementary Tips (38.48 kB)

Parent to Parent Transition to New Trier Tips (35.65 kB)

PASS Tips for Talking to Your Children About Puberty 

Conversation Starters - Puberty

PASS39 - Growing Bodies, Hormones, Learning & Behavior

Characteristics of Successful (But Different) Learners

Videos for Social Learning - Sheet 1

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