Policy 4:55

Operational Services

Use of Credit and Procurement Cards

Use of Credit and Procurement Cards

The Superintendent and employees designated by the Superintendent are authorized to use District credit and procurement cards to simplify the acquisition, receipt, and payment of purchases and travel expenses incurred on the District’s behalf. Credit and procurement cards shall only be used for those expenses that are for the District’s benefit and serve a valid and proper public purpose; they shall not be used for personal purchases. Cardholders are responsible for exercising due care and judgment and for acting in the District’s best interests.

The Superintendent or designee shall manage the use of District credit and procurement cards by employees. It is the Board’s responsibility, through the audit and approval process, to determine whether District credit and procurement card use by the Superintendent is appropriate.

In addition to the other limitations contained in this and other Board policies, District credit and procurement cards are governed by the following restrictions:

  1. Credit and/or procurement cards may only be used to pay certain job-related expenses or to make purchases on behalf of the Board or District or any student activity fund, or for purposes that would otherwise be addressed through a conventional revolving fund.

  2. The Superintendent or designee shall instruct the issuing bank to block the cards’ use at unapproved merchants.

  3. The Superintendent shall limit the amount each cardholder may charge in a single purchase or within a given month and inform the issuing bank of these limitations.

  4. The Superintendent or designee must approve the use of a District credit or procurement card whenever such use is by telephone, fax, and the Internet. Permission shall be withheld when the use violates any Board policy, is from a vendor whose reputation has not been verified, or would be more expensive than if another available payment method were used.

  5. The consequences for unauthorized purchases include, but are not limited to, reimbursing the District for the purchase amount, loss of cardholding privileges, and, if made by an employee, discipline up to and including discharge.

  6. All cardholders must sign a statement affirming that they are familiar with this policy.

  7. The Superintendent shall implement a process whereby all purchases using a District credit or procurement card are reviewed and approved by someone other than the cardholder or someone under the cardholder’s supervision.

  8. Cardholders must submit the original, itemized receipt to document all purchases.

  9. No individual may use a District credit or procurement card to make purchases in a manner contrary to state law, including, but not limited to, the bidding and other purchasing requirements in 105 ILCS 5/10-20.21, or any Board policy.

  10. The Superintendent or designee shall account for any financial or material reward or rebate offered by the company or institution issuing the District credit or procurement card and shall ensure that it is used for the District’s benefit.

Adopted: September 19, 2022