What's the Difference Between Enrollment & Registration?

Enrollment is the process of signing up for school and proving that you are a resident of District 39. Enrollment only takes place when your child first enters District 39 (Kindergarten, or when you move to Wilmette).

Registration is the annual verification of information about your student, where you provide emergency contact information, update medical information, confirm permissions for internet use and field trips, etc., and provide information for your listing in the school's annual directory.

Instructions for Student Registration

Emails with registration information are mailed out annually in the Spring. The letters contain instructions on how to complete registration and make fee payments.

Start the registration process by going to wilmette39.powerschool.com. There you can login using your existing PowerSchool Parent Portal account or by creating a new account. Once you have logged in, select the "Annual Re-Registration" link from the navigation menu.

Please follow the registration prompts. Update your information for your child as accurately as possible for each section.

Please note: If you have more than one child in the district, you will need to repeat the registration process for each child. After you have completed the registration for your first child, return to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and click the name of the next child you wish to register. If you need to link another child to your account, you may do so through the Account Preferences link in the navigation menu. If you require the access codes to link another child, refer to the email you received previously, or contact your school secretary for that information.

Once you have completed the online student registration process, you can pay student fees and register for transportation online at RevTrak.


Downloadable forms are in PDF format, and may be viewed with Preview (on a Mac) or with Adobe Reader (any platform).

Fee Payments and Transportation

You can make fee payments, sign up for Bus Transportation, and make School Lunch program payments through RevTrak.