Policy 7:35


Assignment to Teachers and Classes

Students shall be assigned by building administration to grade placement or instructional settings which will offer each student an opportunity to develop his/her abilities as fully as possible. For transferring students, it is within the principal’s authority to reassign a student to a grade placement or instructional setting other than that recommended by a transferring school. Principals shall be included in all special education pupil proposed or ordered placements.


Students will normally progress annually from grade to grade or level to level. Exceptions may be made when, in the judgment of the professional staff, such exceptions are in the best educational interest of the pupil involved. Exceptions will only be made after prior notification and explanation to each student’s parent(s)/guardian(s).

Retention or acceleration decisions will be the responsibility of the Principal and Superintendent or his/her designee subject to appeal to the Board of Education. Parent(s)/guardian(s), teachers and the Principal, as necessary, shall be included in the discussions leading to a decision.

Adopted: November 10, 1997
Revised: September 26, 2016