The District’s educational program will seek to provide an opportunity for each student to develop to the student’s maximum potential. The objectives for the educational program are to:

  1. To provide children in the District with a high quality education by:
    1. Nurturing in them a love of learning that will lay a foundation for a lifetime of scholarship and growth.
    2. Providing a forward-thinking comprehensive curriculum in both academic and life-enriching subjects that will provide the knowledge and critical thinking skills they will need to continue to be successful academically and socially.
    3. Providing an optimal learning environment for each child by utilizing innovative teaching methodologies, dynamic curricula, improved organizational techniques, and advanced educational materials.
    4. Providing a variety of learning techniques, adaptations, and social skills to equip educators and every child with the tools they will need to best facilitate their individual learning needs. Encouraging them to apply their critical thinking and other skills toward independent and successful living.
    5. Developing in them qualities of citizenship, respect, and responsibility for family, school, community, state, nation, and the world.
    6. Encouraging each child to develop a positive self-image by helping each child to identify and develop the child’s own individual strengths to the fullest.
    7. Fostering a teaching/learning environment which allows each child to participate in the educational process both as an individual and as a member of our District.
  2. To provide specialized and supportive services to every eligible child in an inclusive, safe, and respectful manner.
  3. To create a positive environment to facilitate the educational process by:
    1. Employing, developing, supporting and retaining a well-trained and motivated staff of highly qualified teachers, administrators and specialized personnel.
    2. Providing appropriate facilities for learning; including buildings, equipment, instructional materials, and advanced technological and other supplementary curriculum resources.
    3. To accomplish these goals within a framework of responsible fiscal management utilizing the resources available to the District.
    4. To provide an educational climate and culture free of bias concerning the protected classifications identified in policy 7:10, Equal Educational Opportunities.

In order for the Board to monitor whether the educational program is attaining these objectives and to be knowledgeable of current and future resource needs, the Superintendent shall prepare an annual report that includes:

  1. A review and evaluation of the present curriculum.
  2. A projection of curriculum and resource needs.
  3. An evaluation of, and plan to eliminate, any bias in the curriculum or instructional materials and methods.
  4. Any plan for new or revised instructional program implementation.
  5. A review of present and future facility needs.

Adopted: October 23, 2017
Revised: November 14, 2022
Reviewed: September 18, 2023