School Activity Funds

The Board, upon the Superintendent or designee’s recommendation, establishes student activity funds to be managed by student organizations under the guidance and direction of a staff member for educational, recreational, or cultural purposes. Monies from school clubs, student athletic groups, and similar activities shall be deposited into a school activity fund account.

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for supervising school activity funds in accordance with Policy 4:80, state law, and the Illinois State Board of Education rules for student activity funds. The Treasurer of the Board shall serve as treasurer and custodian for all student activity funds and shall be bonded in accordance with the School Code. Signatures of both the Treasurer and the Superintendent will be required on activity fund checks. The treasurer shall have all of the responsibilities specific to the treasurer listed in the Illinois State Board of Education rules for school activity funds, except that the treasurer must have the Board’s approval before making a loan between activity funds.

Unless otherwise instructed by the Board, a school activity fund’s balance will carry over to the next fiscal year. An account containing school activity funds that is inactive for 12 consecutive months shall be closed and its funds transferred to another school activity fund with a similar purpose.

The Superintendent shall implement procedures to ensure compliance with Illinois State Board of Education rules for the activity funds.

Adopted: September 8, 1997
Revised: October 24, 2011; April 23, 2019
Reviewed: February 26, 2024