Policy 4:50

Operational Services

Payment Procedures

Payment Procedures

The Treasurer shall prepare a list of all due and payable bills, indicating vendor name and amount, and shall present it to the Board at the Board’s regular monthly meeting or, if necessary, a special meeting. These bills are reviewed by the Board, after which they may be approved for payment by the Board. Approval of all bills shall be given by a roll call vote, and the votes shall be recorded in the minutes. The Treasurer shall pay the bills after receiving a Board order or pertinent portions of the Board minutes, even if the minutes are unapproved, provided the order or minutes are signed by the Board President and Secretary, or a majority of the Board.

The Treasurer is authorized, without further Board approval, to pay Social Security taxes, wages, pension contributions, utility bills, and other recurring bills. These disbursements shall be included in the listing of bills presented to the Board.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent or designee to establish revolving funds and a petty cash fund system for school cafeterias, lunchrooms, athletics, or similar purposes, provided such funds are maintained in accordance with Board policy 4:80, Accounting and Audits, and remain in the custody of an employee who is properly bonded according to state law.

Adopted: September 8, 1997
Revised: March 19, 2012; February 25, 2019; September 19, 2022