Policy 4:200

Business and Non-Instructional Operations

Use of Personal Property

It is the policy of the Wilmette Public School to provide all essential basic equipment and supplies to implement the approved educational program. The Board of Education recognizes that on occasion the use of personal property by employees, agents or students provides enrichment and enhances the instructional program. On such occasions, when use of personal property is deemed to be advisable to enhance the instructional program, it is understood that state laws, Illinois State Board of Education Policy and guidance, Board policy and procedures, and District protocols shall govern the type of equipment and/or supplies that will be used on the school premises.

The School District shall not assume any responsibility for maintenance, housekeeping, repair, or replacement of any personal property that is brought onto the School District premises.

Employees, students or agents using personal property shall do so at their own risk. This risk shall include liability, property damage and personal property loss.

Adopted:        September 8, 1997
Revised: June 17, 2019