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Questions About Remote Learning

A: District 39 established minimum guidelines for live video conferencing that are designed to further the district’s goal of providing meaningful, manageable and connected remote learning experiences for children. These guidelines are provided within charts on the Remote Learning Expectations page of this website. Generally speaking, students in grades 1st -4th grade will experience approximately 4 live sessions and at least 2 pre-recorded sessions weekly. Our 5-8 students will experience 1 live session weekly and at least 2 pre-recorded lessons weekly for each of their classes. While it is important to note that these learning opportunities are not designed to replicate in-person instruction, they are essential for the social-emotional wellbeing of students at this time.


A: District 39 published a table highlighting the estimated breakdown of daily student workload. The table can be found on the Remote Learning Expectations Page.


A: Grey Days are just like Green remote learning days, except they only feature asynchronous learning -- that is, remote learning where students access pre-recorded lessons or independent learning tasks at any time during the day. On Grey Days, students are expected to engage in videos and assignments shared by their teachers. For elementary students, this includes Science or Social Studies instructional activities, reading and math practice and optional independent tasks that may be completed. These options may include choices such as projects/service learning, time to complete any unfinished Green Day assignments from classroom and related arts teachers, and enrichment activities in content areas, movement breaks, mindfulness, physical activity, and more. For more information, please review the detailed summary of Grey Days on the Remote Learning Expectations Page.


A: Direct and replicated instruction delivered via technology is not best practice for our younger learners, and would not be meaningful, manageable or targeted for our students. There are a number of reasons why a strategy or teaching technique that seems to be working well within one situation may not be ideal or best practice in another. Differences in content, curricula, students’ stamina for this type of instruction, and a teachers’ unique style and strategy of instructional pedagogy varies dramatically from situation to situation. We hope parents can understand and appreciate these differences, and recognize that our teachers are focused on strengthening relevant connections with students while delivering meaningful and manageable remote learning experiences for our students that are focused on the essential learning targets of each grade level, subject area and student’s learning style.


A: Students may collaborate and connect remotely whenever possible. We strongly encourage all students to work on remote learning assignments at home while practicing safe social distancing guidelines. Illinois schools remain closed as part of a community-wide effort to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 through social distancing. Please review this Social Distancing Guide for ways to keep your family safe and healthy.


A: This is a very anxiety-provoking time for children and adults alike. Please know that your child's emotional health comes first, and if you feel the need to pause on academic assignments to support your child, please do so. Teachers are working hard to balance meaningful teaching and learning with this new reality. Please be patient and work with your child’s teachers to make adjustments whenever needed. If your child is not able to complete an assignment, communicate with the teacher. You are in the best position to see how your child is responding to the added stress and unusual learning situation. Our teachers, social workers, psychologists and administrators are here to support your child; please reach out.


A: As educators, we are committed to providing special education services to our students who require this support. However, our services will need to be modified to work within the new parameters of remote learning.

When working remotely, we cannot duplicate the services provided within the school setting. We know that our student’s ability to attend to learning is very different when the instruction is remote rather than in person, and creating lessons is a very different experience for our teachers and therapists as well.

Your child will receive a combination of direct instruction and independent activities with support from special education staff. Students will have access to their case managers and any service providers who have provided services as indicated on the IEP, but please know that those services delivered remotely cannot replicate what was designed for in-school instruction. We are working to make sure that the special education services provided to students are meaningful, manageable, and targeted to address student goals. We are also cognizant of the incredible stress that remote learning places on our students, staff and families. Children are anxious and away from familiar routines.

As is typical during in-school instruction, case managers will work with students to identify meaningful activities and will reach out to students and/or parents regularly. Services may be pre-recorded, e-mailed, or synchronous, depending on the student’s goals and learning needs. Your child’s goals will be monitored virtually to the extent possible, and will provide additional information in the event that we need to modify your child’s accommodations, goals, or services. We urge you to reach out to your child’s case manager, and if needed, the team can convene a virtual meeting to discuss how to support your child during this time.


A: We understand that technological errors may occur with devices or on learning platforms such as Schoology or SeeSaw. We ask for your patience and support in the event of a technology disruption as we will remain flexible while working through disruptions during these highly unusual circumstances. Should your family experience an Internet service disruption, device error or other issue that prevents a student from engaging in remote learning, let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible. For direct technological support, please send a request through our District 39 Technology Support Portal.


Impact of Extended Remote Learning

A: At this time, no decisions have been made regarding end-of-year activities, including the 8th grade graduation ceremony. As soon as a decision can be made regarding a return to onsite instruction by the end of the school year, the District 39 team will be able to make decisions regarding important end-of-year activities. It is our sincere hope that we will be able to host a graduation ceremony for our 8th grade students as well as design other important end-of-year activities to celebrate our students, but will only proceed with in-person plans if we can do so in a safe manner.


A: Every student is experiencing the same educational challenges. Students have benefited from 7 months of strong in-person instruction throughout this school year, and they will continue to receive quality instruction and support through the end of the school year. Your child’s teachers are prioritizing the teaching and learning needed now to be sure that we focus on the most essential learning targets for each grade level and subject area. When in-person instruction resumes, they will assess student needs and continue instruction as indicated. District 39 will be working to make curriculum adjustments accordingly and to support students’ successful transition back to in-person instruction.


A: We created a resource page on our website for families looking to provide (and receive) support. All contributions made through school parent teacher organizations and the District 39 Angel Fund will go directly to supporting D39 families in need.


A: District 39 is in the process of developing a plan to coordinate the retrieval of student items from school buildings given the Governor’s Order to stay at home and avoid essential travel. Parents may contact principals to request a time to retrieve the item, however, these appointments will only be scheduled to accommodate essential needs. Please contact your child’s principal for additional information.


A: We have determined as a district that we will be offering academic summer programming options. However, we await guidance from the governor regarding the modality in which we can provide this programming. We very much hope to provide some form of in-person instruction, but will only be able to do so if it is safe for students and staff and allowed by the State. If we are not able to offer in-person summer programming, we will offer some type of remote learning experience; however, we understand the challenges that this may present for students, families and staff. We expect to know more and have more clarity regarding program design by mid-May regarding any options for in-person programming. Registration remains open at this time.


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