It is the desire of the Board of Education that channels of communication be kept open at all times between the school system and the residents of the Wilmette School District. The Board will continuously attempt to create and maintain schools that reflect the public’s wishes, and will do its best to keep residents informed.

To help achieve the above goals, the Board authorizes the Superintendent of Schools as follows:

  1. Prepare and coordinate the preparation of informational materials, including newsletters, website, articles for periodicals, newspapers and/or radio television releases, special pamphlets, and other assigned material and to maintain close liaison with the media, including local cable television. Recordings of meetings are available at the Mikaelian Education Center and the Wilmette Library;
  2. Provide regular updates regarding the financial status of the District;
  3. Encourage public input regarding the programs, practices, goals, initiatives, and services of District 39;
  4. Promptly inform the public and staff of emergencies, hazardous conditions or other events that may lead to closing schools or a change in school hours or that may otherwise impact educational programs and services; and
  5. Inform the public and staff of opportunities to attend and participate in school or district wide forums, special events, or meetings related to the goals and programs of District 39.

Written material, cable television productions, broadcast telephone messages or other means of communication are not to be used for political purposes, and are solely for District 39 use and for matters related to District 39 unless otherwise approved by the Board of Education.

The Superintendent shall periodically report to the Board of Education on the implementation of this policy

Public Suggestion and Concerns

The Board of Education is interested in receiving suggestions and concerns from members of the community. Any individual may make a suggestion or express a concern at any District or school office. All suggestions and/or concerns will be referred to the appropriated level staff member or District administrator who is most able to respond in a timely manner. Each concern or suggestion shall be considered on its merit.

An individual who is not satisfied after following the channels of authority may file a grievance under the Board Policy 2:260 Uniform Grievance Procedure. Neither this policy nor the Uniform Grievance Procedure creates an independent right to a hearing before the Board.

Parental Involvement

In order to assure collaborative relationships between students’ families and the District, and to enable parents/guardians to become active partners in their children’s education, the Superintendent shall:

  1. Keep parents/guardians thoroughly informed about their child’s school and education.
  2. Encourage parents/guardians to be involved in their child’s school and education.
  3. Establish effective two-way communication between parents/guardians and the District.
  4. Seek input from parents/guardians on significant school-related issues.
  5. Inform parents/guardians on how they can assist their children’s learning.

Adopted: July 21, 1997
Revised: May 19, 2003, September 29, 2014. April 27, 2020
Reviewed: September 18, 2023