Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger
Posted on 01/14/2019
One of D39’s efforts in sustainability is separately collecting and recycling “clean paper”.

Until recently, each classroom had a black trash container and a green recycle bin. The green recycle bins each had a plastic bag, in case of spills, that was changed nightly. Because there are so few water bottles or beverage cans in the classrooms, we have relocated the green recycle bins to the hallway. Each hallway has only 1 or 2 large green recycling bins, so the number of plastic bags to change each night is greatly reduced.

Now, each classroom has a blue recycle bin for paper, with no plastic bag needed. We work with a company called Paper Tiger from Gurnee, Illinois that collects all our paper. Each blue bin has is a list of what can be recycled by Paper Tiger - manuals, magazines, envelopes, brochures/pamphlets, notebook paper, note cards, file folders, colored paper, white paper, non-confidential paper, shredded paper, and spiral notebooks. Those blue bins fill much quicker in a classroom than the recycle bin. And, by diverting our paper to Paper Tiger, we have less to recycle, which means fewer pick-ups and that means cost savings.

Paper Tiger picks up all our paper, shreds it, and makes it into large bales that are then shipped to a paper mill. When the Paper Tiger Truck is full it holds about 22 tons of paper. One truck saves 374 trees, 8,360 gallons of oil, 66 cubic yards of landfill space, 88,000 kilowatts of energy, and 154,000 gallons of water. The paper mill removes the ink, cleans the paper, presses it, and sprays it onto a conveyor belt. Heated metal rollers dry and roll the paper so it is ready to be used again.
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