4:130 - Food Service

Policy 4:130

Business and Non-Instructional Operations

Food Service

All schools shall serve a hot lunch. The cost of such meals shall be set at a price, which will encourage maximum participation and keep the financial operation on a break- even basis.

Children who carry lunch from home may purchase milk and any available a la carte offerings.

All children who remain at school for lunch are required to stay on the school grounds during lunch period and shall be adequately supervised.

Free/Reduced Price Food Services

The Superintendent shall be responsible for implementing the District’s free/reduced price food services policy. The District shall maintain an accurate record of the actual number of free and reduced price lunches served each day.

Eligibility Criteria and Selection of Children

A student’s eligibility for free/reduced-price food services shall be determined by the income eligibility guidelines, family-size income standards set annually by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and distributed by the Illinois State Board of Education.


At the beginning of each fiscal year, by letter, the District shall notify students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) of: (1) the eligibility requirements for free/reduced-price food service; (2) its application process; (3) the telephone number of a contact person for the program; and (4) other information required by federal law. The Superintendent shall provide the same information to: (1) informational media, the local unemployment office, and any major area employers contemplating layoffs; and (2) any or all of the following: the District’s website (if applicable), school newsletters, or students’ registration materials. Parents/guardians enrolling a child in the District for the first time, any time during the school year, shall receive the eligibility information. Copies of the notice also shall be made available upon request to any interested person.

Non-discrimination Assurance

The District shall avoid publicly identifying students receiving free or reduced-price meals and shall use methods for collecting meal payments, which prevent identification of children receiving assistance.

Appeal From a Decision

A family may appeal the District’s decision to deny an application for free and reduced- price food services or to terminate such services as outlined by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture in 7 C.F.R. §245.7, Determining Eligibility for Free and Reduced-Price Meals and Free Milk in Schools. The Superintendent shall establish a hearing procedure for adverse eligibility decisions and provide by mail a copy of them to the family. The District may also use these procedures to challenge a child’s continued eligibility for free or reduced-price meals or milk.

During an appeal, students previously receiving food service benefits shall not have their benefits terminated. Students who were denied benefits shall not receive benefits during the appeal.

The Superintendent shall keep on file for a period of three years a record of any appeals made and the hearing record. The District shall also maintain accurate and complete records showing the data and method used to determine the number of eligible students served free and reduced-price food services. These records shall be maintained for three years.

Adopted: April 20, 1998
Revised: March 15, 1999; March 23, 2015; April 23, 2019

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